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Hosting an Activity is fun and simple. Provide an activity that gives kids a great experience, lesson or wisdom that will help make them better individuals in the future.

The activity should be approximately 45 mins to 1 hour. Elementary age children aren’t that great with focus, so keeping it concise is key. This is a guideline however, and not a requirement. Some activities can, need to, and will be longer (like a field trip).

The activity should be engaging, no matter the content. If you’re going to teach kids about stocks, make it FUN!

The best activities provide something for the kids to take home to remember the experience. This could be anything from a custom eraser from your company to piggy bank. Again, not required, but helpful!

The activity should be kid friendly. While that may sound obvious, you’d be surprised what adults will come up with.

The activity should be relativity safe. If the activity is physical with risk of injury, like a sport, that’s OK! We just need to know about it inform parents. If you work in a dangerous environment like a Power Plant, we’ll have to look carefully at what safeguards your company has in place to keep the kiddos from harm.

Activities that kids can do on their own is always a bonus, especially if a parent has more than one child. While there will be quite a few activities that require parent participation, you’ll increase the likelihood in getting a better crowd if parents can just observe. Each NEATT activity requires at least ONE dedicated chaperone per 10 kids responsible for keeping an additional eye on the kids. This is in addition to the presenter.

Activities should have “THE BIG TAKEAWAY.” The Big Takeaway is usually the major lesson in 1-2 lines that kids can remember, like, “Always make time for play so you don’t get burned out” or “Always, check twice! Better safe than sorry.” Think of THE BIG TAKEAWAY as a slogan or tagline that will be easy for kids to remember after they leave your activity. This should be repeated at the end of your activity, and you should ask the kids to repeat back to you in unison.

● You'll need to have insurance to cover a NEATT Kids activity. If you are hosting an activity at your home, then homeowners insurance will be required.

● You'll need to sign our Liability Waiver for NEATT

● If your activity has a separate liability for kids, please let us know so it can be included in the registration process.


Almost any individual can host a NEATT activity. While NEATT is great with industry professionals, if you have a valuable lesson for a child and can pass a background check, we'd love to see what you have to offer.

The goal of NEATT Kids is to provide children with a diverse selection of activities that will broaden their experience. We believe those activities come from people of all different types, with different backgrounds and professions. You don't need to be some hot shot professional to host an activity!

If you are an individual not representing a company (a homemaker, a girl scout troop leader, a soccer coach, etc), you can host a NEATT Activity. Great examples include an art project, a friendly soccer game, poetry reading or pie eating contest (yes, that is a fun activity indeed.)

If you're a professional but not necessarily representing a business (like an independent Yoga Instructor or Softball Coach) you're also a great candidate. Pull from your experience to give kids a lesson on mindfulness or the importance of teamwork.

There are so many opportunities a business can provide for NEATT Kids. You can offer a field trip or tour of your facility, host a workshop or presentation, or give kids a chance to volunteer. There is really no limit to what you can do for our kids and we'd love to know what you have in store.

● NEATT may require a background check if one cannot be provided by your employer or company to ensure child safety


Several advantages come with hosting a NEATT Activity. Here are some great benefits that occur when you host a NEATT Activity.

When you provide something of value to kids you help shape their future. NEATT Kids provides so many different experiences that kids may never learn in the classroom. In addition, because the barrier to entry is very low, less fortunate children may receive important lessons they'd never be opened up to in their household.

NEATT truly brings people together. When you host a NEATT Kids event, you also get a chance to connect with parents, volunteers and other community members supporting your NEATT Kids event.

If you're a business, getting involved in NEATT Kids is a great way to share your business and organization with others. Businesses that host NEATT Activities have the following additional benefits:

-They can send home marketing material with kids for parents
-Complimentary Email Blast to participants after the activity thanking them and allowing for follow up

So hosting a NEATT activity is a great way to get new clients or participants in your business or organization.

● If you'll be sending materials home with kids for them or their parents, we'll need to pre-screen them prior to their distribution


We do our best to answer as many questions as possible with our program. We'll update this section as needed to keep you well informed.

Does it cost to host a NEATT Kids Event?
NEATT does not charge partners to host an activity. Partners donate their time and resources to support NEATT Kids and we want to make it as easily as possible for as many people to participate in the program.

Can I charge NEATT Kids registration fees for my event?
Not usually, however, there are some cases where an affiliated cost is necessary or appropriate, such as a trip to the museum. We try to limit cost activities in the NEATT Program so that all kids can participate. Activities involving costs are not given as high a registration priority.

Who is responsible for watching the kids during the activity?
YOU! If you are hosting a NEATT Kids activity we require one dedicated Chaperone per 10 Kids in addition to the presenter. This helps keep our kids safe and well monitored.

What do I do if a parent doesn't pick up their kid from my activity?
It's bound to happen at some point! If a someone does not pick up their child from your activity, just call our office and we'll attempt to reach the parent or an emergency contact. If the child cannot be picked up within 30 minutes of the end of the activity, a NEATT representative will pick up the child and contact local authorities.

Will I receive parents emails and information for my NEATT Kids Activity?
To avoid abuse of emails and privacy, we only provide the basic and necessary information to partners to contact parents only in the event of an emergency. Email blasts from partners are sent via NEATT's Marketing Platform and are not provided directly to partners.

Will NEATT fund my activity?
NEATT is a volunteer based program and funding is limited. Therefore, we do not provide funding for activities. The goal is to have the community provide opportunity for kids.

How long does the activity need to be?
The activity should be approximately 45 mins to 1 hour. Elementary age children aren’t that great with focus, so keeping it concise is key. This is a guideline however, and not a requirement. Some activities can, need to, and will be longer (like a field trip).

When is the best time to host a NEATT Kids Activity?
Since NEATT is predominantly for elementary age children, when school is in session, the best time to host activities is after school or on the weekend. A start time between 4:30pm and 5:30pm during the week ensures greater participation. If you plan to host an activity that requires an odd time, please let us know.

How many NEATT Activities can I host?
As many as you like of course! If you're a business, you may have a great lesson plan that you want to offer every month for kids. We strongly support and encourage recurring activities, as it provides more opportunities for kids to participate.

How will I know how many kids are coming to my event?
We try to leave registration open as long as possible and usually close it three days prior to the event. If your activity requires more advance registration, let us know and we will accommodate you. You'll get a list of registrants at least 72 hours prior to your event. The average activity should have around a 5-10 kids, but some can have less or more.

How many kids attend NEATT Events?
The attendance is highly dependent on the activity. While we aim for every activity to have around a dozen children for engagement and safety, some activities will have more or less. A free dance class may warrant 15-20 kids, where as a field trip to a horse ranch may only garner 5-7. We only ask that you not cancel any NEATT Kids event where there are 5 or more registrants.

What items can I give out at a NEATT Kids Event?
Anything that is safe for children can be given out at a NEATT Kids event. Please make sure items are child friendly and nontoxic. There is no size or cost limit to what item you give away to kids at your event. You may give away a pencil with your company logo or a free t shirt. It's whatever you feel appropriate. If you need some suggestions, just reach out to us and let us know.

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